Imagine a world where you can have a big night out drinking alcohol whilst still waking up fresh and feeling great the next day. Visualize being able to work out in the gym and play sports to complete intensity knowing your body is operating at full capacity with maximum hydration.

Our team has been working intensely over years of research and development to offer the very best solution. We have found the best method for hangover prevention is to  absolutely minimise alcohol's negative dehydrating and liver toxic effects on the body. VARAMIS Hydrate is the answer.  

VARAMIS Hydrate is the 21st century solution to fast rehydration. Scientifically engineered with a premium blend of vitamins, minerals, rehydration salts and liver support ingredients, this wellness drink is ideal for hangover prevention and athletic performance + recovery. VARAMIS Hydrate is the supplement you have been waiting for all your life.


Drink 500ml of water mixed with 1 sachet of our VARAMIS Hydrate.

Our flavoursome and refreshing formula will increase the rate at which you can rehydrate in addition to maximise every single drop of water for ultimate grade rehydration after alcohol consumption and fitness activity.

Our scientifically formulated sachets will allow you to enjoy regular nights out having fun whilst still being able to wake up feeling ready to win the day ahead. VARAMIS Hydrate gives yourself the edge over the competition in achieving your goals. 

Our products are exclusively manufactured within the United Kingdom to the very highest standards within a laboratory certified to the maximum available BRC Global Foods Standard accreditation of AA. The facility is SO 22000 Certified and GMP compliant.

Obsessively Researched. Precisely Assembled.

Our caffeine free and vegan friendly sachets are based on extensive scientific research conducted by the World Health Organisation and further analysis + testing through our own R&D. 

VARAMIS Hydrate ingredients utilise the Sodium-Glucose Co-Transport chain for total rehydration.

The absolute ideal proportions of glucose, sodium, and potassium are included in order for maximum water transport efficiency though the intestinal membrane and into the bloodstream. 

We have also included a carefully curated mix of Choline, Ginger and Turmeric at their efficacious (most effective) dosages. These ingredients help to support healthy liver function with a detox effect through absorbing toxins whilst promoting liver health.