Conceived from the directional aesthetic of founder Ehti, VARAMIS was formed with the ethos of 'Lifestyle Enhancement'. 

We felt first of all a product was missing in order to tackle the extremely common problem of feeling absolutely awful after having fun (getting drunk) the night before.  

Too many days of ours personally have been wasted through lying in bed just waiting for our bodies to return back to normal. 

As ambitious and dedicated people ourselves, we spent significant amounts of time and money in order to provide the very best option for hangover prevention in addition to maximising athletic performance and recovery. Whether this is strength and conditioning in the gym or playing sports, VARAMIS Hydrate is the supplement you have been waiting for all your life.

Keep an eye out for the release of our other lifestyle enhancement products currently in Research and Development. These include VARAMIS Sleep, Growth, Libido, Focus, Skin and more...